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E-Books: Adventures in Learning

My Life's Work



Writing a teacher memoire became my life’s work after I retired. At first, I imagined a book in print, but realized as time slipped by and technology improved, I decided that it would be better to create digital e-books that could be easily downloaded.

Wonder! Teaching and learning with wonder!

Following are books and stories about projects co-created with me as teacher, and my classes of students. These projects are packed full of children's wonder, innovation, discovery, creativity, inspiration and in-depth learning.

Introduction and Background

This booklet describes my own teaching journey; the influences; the impact; and the reasons for these stories and learning adventures. From traditional pedagogy to inspired co-created inquiry-based project learning.


I believe it is important for those interested to know what they might be getting if ordering one of the e-books for sale. Here are a couple of stories to read at no charge

  • A Book is a Book This is a 5-page booklet documenting the dialogue as children develop new theories as to what exactly defines a book.
  • The Traffic Accident This emergent project and documentation took the place of regular learning for one morning.
  • Haunted Houses - A 17-page document with photos showing the process of creating haunted houses from cardboard boxes and paper-maché.
  • Author in Residence - A 29-page document with rich ideas for writers from gr 3 and up. Students brainstormed for characters, settings and problems to create a huge resource for combining variations to create stories.
  • Speed Stacking - A 21-page document that illustrates how critical it is to select the right media to show evidence of all the learning.
  • Pumpkin Projects -  A 24-page collection of Pumpkin Projects
    • Pumpkin Painting
    • Pumpkin Carving
    • Cooking with Pumpkins
    • Classroom Environment
    • Pre-K Literacy
    • Pumpkin House
    • Scientific Drawings
    • Rotting Pumpkins Documentation
  • Dinosaur Projects 115 pages of Dinosaur Inquiries from eight different classes. 

    • Research
    • Fossils
    • Digestion
    • Coprolite
    • Constructions
    • Time Periods
    • Movies
    • Songs
    • Literacy 
  • Africa ProjectsThis is a 60 page e-book containing the most excellent adventures. 
    • Building projects - African elephant, village
    • Information Book
    • Drumming
    • Lions
    • Gorillas
    • Technology integration
    • Dancing
    • Mapping
    • Displays 
    • Classroom Environment
    • Literacy Connections
  • Franklin ProjectsFranklin is a story character created by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark. This 38-page book contains the stories of projects completed by my kindergarten and Grade 1 classes. 














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