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Carol Vaage - Educator, Author, Artist

Retired and loving all three interests!

Adventures in Learning

My Life's Work



Writing a teacher memoire became my life’s work after I retired. At first, I imagined a book in print, but realized as time slipped by and technology improved I decided that it would be better to create digital ebooks that could be easily downloaded.

Wonder! Teaching and learning with wonder!

Following are books and stories about projects co-created with me as teacher, and my classes of students. These projects are packed full of children's wonder, innovation, discovery, creativity, inspiration and in-depth learning.

I believe it is important for those interested to know what they might be getting if ordering one of the ebooks for sale. Here are a couple of stories to read at no charge. 

  • A Book is a Book This is a 5 page booklet documenting the dialogue as children develop new theories as to what exactly defines a book.
  • The Traffic Accident This emergent project and documentation took the place of regular learning for one morning.

Using the app Sellfy, I was able to match the criteria and protocols needed to set this plan in motion. Readers will be able to purchase and download files safely and securely. 

Franklin Projects

The first book completed is Franklin Projects. Franklin is a story character created by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark. This 38 page book contains the stories of projects completed by my kindergarten and Grade 1 classes.